A Villa for Tranquility

This villa is built on a 1,000m2 land plot with a total built area of 610m2 in two floors is located in a coastal township in northern Iran along the Caspian. The owner, as a businessman living in an overpopulated urban, wants to escape the urban life and get some rest near the sea on weekends and public holidays. Therefore this villa was created with a concept for tranquility.
In this design a touch of modern components is merged into a classical concept to create a feathery and relaxing environment. Modern components like lightings, modern fireplace, clock, etc. in combination with a classical concept create an eclectic atmosphere that cannot be attributed to any periods of time.
Tranquility is the core objective of the design. Accordingly, large windows decorated by lofty curtains bring sufficient and meanwhile relaxing sunlight to the interior spaces and the stone fireplace in the main sitting room adds on to the comfort of the atmosphere. Light blue and white colors represent the nearby sea and helps the occupants find the peace of mind.

Total Built Area: 610 m2
Site Area: 1,000 m2
Construction Period: 2018-2019
Building Type: Residential Villa
Technical & Engineering Services by: Tarh va Afarinesh Architectural and Engineering Consultants Co.
Architect & Interior Designer: Shiva Aghababaei

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