Negin Ofogh Niayesh Multipurpose Complex

Negin Ofogh Niayesh Multipurpose Complex

This significant landmark is located in a top-notch business center of Tehran. The project consists of multi-level car parks, retail areas, two office towers, and an upscale hotel.

Removing the conventional solid barriers between a business environment and public life is the key feature of the design; i.e. vehicles and pedestrians can access shopping mall, basements, and coffee shops at different levels directly through the access ramps derived from the neighboring Niayesh Highway.

Optimized energy consumption and contribution to the environment is another concern taken into consideration in design, specifically in selection of the façade elements and development of green floors between the functional levels.

Typology: Commercial, Office, Hotel

Completion Date: Ongoing

Mentor: Negin Ofogh Niayesh Co.

(Affiliated to Tourism Bank)

Built Area: 340,000 m2

Landscape Area: N/A

Location: Tehran-Iran

Opal food hall

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