2A Asia Architecture Awards 2016

Type: Boutique Hotel

Built Area:  5,100 m2

Date : 2006

Location: East Azerbaijan, Tehran

EPC Contractor: Tarh Va Afarinesh Architectural & Engineering Consultants Co. Architect & Interior Designer: Shiva Aghababaei


2AAA is that series of Architecture Awards that have been designed to recognize the significant Architectural Contributors of various organizations and individuals worldwide in eight categories including “Religion, civil transportation, and community based projects”, “Interior architecture”, Future projects/innovative Designs”, “Commercial (Retail & Wholesales, office & business, production)”, “Old and New (regeneration, restoration, renovation, reuse, and adaption)”, “Residential”, “Rural projects, public spaces (including squares and streets) and landscape, urban projects”, “Public (sport and leisure, education, health, mixed use, hospitality)”.

These architecture awards are forums that facilitates professional interaction among participants about the new endeavors of the architecture world, and it is about exploration and discussion of the major accomplishments of the architectural arena.

shiva aghababaei

shiva aghababaei