Lian Hotel – Bushehr

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This Project is located in Bushehr, a provincial capital in southern Iran, which is known as Iran’s capital of energy.

Considering the commercial/industrial identity of Bushehr, the project is designed as an upscale business hotel with a total area of 32,000 m2.

Simplicity of the building envelop, matching the traditional architecture of the region, making use of the surrounding environment ( including the nearby lake ) , and the pedestrian ways connecting the building to the surrounding roads , are the key factors of this design. 

Architecture of this project is inspired by the traditional architecture of the region as well as the climatic conditions.

Typology: Hotel

Completion Date: 2017

Mentor: Lian Bushehr Development Pioneers Group 

Built Area: 32,000 m2

Landscape Area: N/A

Location: Bushehr-Iran

lian hotel
lian hotel project


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