Kandovan Village – East Azerbaijan

When you go back after a long while to the place you have built up a project and see that the local people, who were once in your construction team, still remember you and tell you tens of bitter and sweet memories of the work, when you see your design and the hotel built up in the village has affected the people’s life and economy in such a positive way and the changes are so tangible, you remember once more that in spite of all hardship and challenges, how good it is to be an architect, and how and architect can evolve the societies and lives and contribute to their growth; you remember once more how enjoyable the creation is.

I would like to thank my all my crew at Tarh Va Afarinesh who helped us in design and construction of Laleh Hotel in Kandovan, and am glad to tell them that our efforts have bloomed!
If you go to Kandovan Village and compare it with the day we stepped in (almost 12 years ago), you shall feel effects of the developed hotel clearly. The people’s welfare and economy, adopting the hotel pattern for enhancement of housing and health conditions in the village, etc.
I would also like to thank the respected management of Laleh Hotel in Kandovan, who in spite of all difficulties, spares his utmost effort to provide the best service. I hope parts of the hotel such as lobby and other public areas, which are not constructed due to various obstacles, come to operation soon

shiva aghababaei

shiva aghababaei